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Introduction Statement

Welcome to the Room Service family. Room Service serves as a valuable tool creating and implementing distinctive promotions that cater to your needs. By working with you, we create and implement marketing campaigns that will satisfy your goals (ROI, brand awareness, customer feedback, etc). We pride ourselves in honesty, integrity, trust, respect, quality, innovation, and professionalism. Room Service obsessively delivers high quality services by focusing on the details of execution and the belief in being the best. Let us share this experience with you.

Since day one, the Room Service ideal of being the best has flowed downed from the top down to all our employees. The history of Room Service began in 1997 when Wes Jackson started 7Heads promotions, one of the first independent promotion companies to focus on hip-hop music. The company had many successes including campaigns for Mos Def, De La Soul, and Common. Eventually 7Heads promotions evolved and started a record label and management company in 2001. Label success occurred with J-Live while their radio service continued to be unmatched but something was missing. In 2002, Gregory Trani and Doug Nyce were brought into run Room Service with the legendary 7Heads promotions being folded into one of the services under the Room Service umbrella. Things have changed since those early days but the ideals of the company have remained the driving force behind the success.


Room Service has helped companies break through the urban, rock, and pop marketplace and college communities by targeting radio, retail, and online outlets. Nowadays with the power of the internet infiltrating the masses of America, you need a company who has both the contacts and credibility to market the smart, hip and young generation. Whether you’re looking for awareness on radio, exposure on important websites, grassroots marketing via our independent retail service, or being plugged into our relationships with DJ’s and tastemakers, we can deliver the creative edge!



Room Service were the production company for California “Dreamers” TV Commercial Spot featuring William Shatner.

“Our dreamiest TV commercial ever features William Shatner, Hollywood Explosions, a jet pack, and more.” quoted by: http://www.visitcalifornia.com

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